Sunday, 14 October 2012

View From The Fridge Door Take 3, Yes Take 3!

Before long my blog will be mistaken for the diaries of a lobster fisherman!!!! Can you actually believe Gary caught another one last night, I am not entirely convinced he hasn't found an all night fishmonger. Although I am getting quite accustomed to being greeted by a live one in the morning, he had done me the honor of cooking number 3 when he got in last night and so I was greeted by a stunning red one this morning.
It really is unbelievable! Anyway whilst the view from the fridge door was quite unusual the view from the gate was really quite pretty this morning, we woke to thick fog with the sun breaking through, making the allotments look quite mysterious.
Looks like we are in or a good day here on the Island I hope you all have a lovely Sunday thanks for popping by.


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