Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween Bunting

Yes I am still making Halloween projects! Today is the start of my bunting. I had a slight problem as I am actually our of card stock, so I went for a rummage and I found a couple of 12 x 12 bits of white card that actually come as the backing of SU paper packs, I always keep them as they come in handy. I worked out I could get 12 large pennants out of 2 sheets and so off I went. I then embossed them with a spider web looking embossing folder and then daubed the edges black and sponged the high areas to really bring out the pattern. With a smaller die I cut DSP pennants to go in the middle and will then top them all with a googly ghoul character (yet to be finished). I had some lovely wide chiffon ribbon which I have threaded through hole punched holes on each top corner.
Not bad from some card that could have been thrown away. I will post again when I have finished all the toppers.
And before I go some of you may have remembered one of my posts "view from the fridge door" back in the summer, when Gary had been night fishing and when I went to get the milk out of the fridge in the morning there was a live lobster in the veggie compartment. Gary had caught the lobster by fluke on his line, well can you believe it, he done it again last night! I had a little more warning this time as word had already spread before I got up and I could hear screams of "aghhh lobster" from downstairs. He is not quite so big, but still a lovely free meal (tomorrow as we have chicken tonight). Here he is, poor thing.
Look at the mess he has a made of my fridge!

I have also been busy on the plot digging the beds a prepping for winter, so pop back later for some recent photo's of the "view form the gate"

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