Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Decade of Gary!

On Friday me and Gary celebrated our 10th Anniversary, a lot of people wonder how I have acheived this at times I wonder myself, but in fact I think we compliment each other brilliantly. Thank you to everyone who sent a card and good wishes, we had a lovely day. Here is the card I made for him
Fortunately Gary did not opt to make my card this year as he has previously done and went to clinton's, which is just as well I don't trust him with my kit!
Here's to many more happy decades!
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Feminine Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday today to my sister-in-law Kerry, wishing you a lovely day. Here is the card I made for her:
A must have stamp set on my SU shopping list is the "for the family" set, I love making cards for my family, but don't like not having the right special sentiment on them, so I am looking forward to getting my hands on it. I hope you like your card all the Same Kerry!

And on Friday I was wishing my friend Sandy a happy birthday and here is the card I made for her:

I do believe it is my turn next lol! There is however the small matter of a 10th wedding anniversary before that, which I still need to produce a card for, luckily my stamp share has purchased the Memorable Moments set (my choice), which I have first lend of! so watch this space.

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View From The Fridge Door Take 3, Yes Take 3!

Before long my blog will be mistaken for the diaries of a lobster fisherman!!!! Can you actually believe Gary caught another one last night, I am not entirely convinced he hasn't found an all night fishmonger. Although I am getting quite accustomed to being greeted by a live one in the morning, he had done me the honor of cooking number 3 when he got in last night and so I was greeted by a stunning red one this morning.
It really is unbelievable! Anyway whilst the view from the fridge door was quite unusual the view from the gate was really quite pretty this morning, we woke to thick fog with the sun breaking through, making the allotments look quite mysterious.
Looks like we are in or a good day here on the Island I hope you all have a lovely Sunday thanks for popping by.


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ornate Christmas Ornament

The Christmas Ornaments in the SU mini are the must try projects for the festive season, so how excited was I when one of the crazy crafters bought along the famelets for us to play with on Wednesday. We all took our turn of cutting them out on the cuttlebug .I have a very co-ordinated Christmas Tree and so mine were cut out on red and black paper and cardstock. To make the plain black card (thanks Zoe for giving me some) a little more me I embossed it with a fancy pattern  in clear embossing powder. Here are the results
Sorry I have managed to capture really bad lighting again! This is just a quick prototype, which I think I can develop, although the colours are right and I love the black, I am not too sure about the spots and once I can get my hands back on the dies (hint, hint Sandy) I think I will add smaller ones in the gaps, one because it doesn't quite feel finished and two because it feels a little flimsy and I think that would strengthen it. Some of these will definately be making it on the Hobbs tree this December 1st.

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Wicked Wreaths

Ok my plan has come together and here is the finished article:

I have made it with the stair post in mind so that it can be seen as we open the front door. I have joined them all with some ribbon and added the spiders to tie them all together. The small metal skull was a pendant to a fancy dress necklace that broke and I held on to, to make use of it. The wreaths are quite time consuming to make, however the rings are cheap enough and I probably only used about 4 or 5 sheets of 12x12 paper, the glue gun on the other hand takes quite a battering lol! But worth it all in the end.

Before I go I would like to say Happy Birthday to Sandy, one of my Crazy Crafters, we did have wine and cake on Wednesday when we met up, but her actual birthday is today, so I hope she is having a nice one. We are not together again until my annual Stampin Up Party on 7th November, which seems ages away, but with it only being 9 days until my birthday I will be a demo again in just over a week, so I need to make a SU shopping List how exciting!!!!

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AWicked Wreath & The Mummies

I really love wreaths and there is just an array of inspiration on pinterest. I decided I wanted to make a Halloween one, but wasn't sure in what style, I was in the £1 shop the other day and stumbled upon a gorgeous WICKED plaque, which I thought I could adapt into the centre piece, so last night I set about experimenting with paper, ribbon and bows, but in the end decided on curled paper (frightful night). Here is how is looks so far.
I say so far, this ring is actually complete, but I hope (fingers crossed) to make three attached to a long ribbon, watch this space for updates on whether that works.

I thought I might also update you with the mummy family as well, I have now filled them with goodies and think they look fab (I know I am a big kid, you should see my outfit lol), they look good and are more interesting then the normal sweetie bowl.

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween Bunting

Yes I am still making Halloween projects! Today is the start of my bunting. I had a slight problem as I am actually our of card stock, so I went for a rummage and I found a couple of 12 x 12 bits of white card that actually come as the backing of SU paper packs, I always keep them as they come in handy. I worked out I could get 12 large pennants out of 2 sheets and so off I went. I then embossed them with a spider web looking embossing folder and then daubed the edges black and sponged the high areas to really bring out the pattern. With a smaller die I cut DSP pennants to go in the middle and will then top them all with a googly ghoul character (yet to be finished). I had some lovely wide chiffon ribbon which I have threaded through hole punched holes on each top corner.
Not bad from some card that could have been thrown away. I will post again when I have finished all the toppers.
And before I go some of you may have remembered one of my posts "view from the fridge door" back in the summer, when Gary had been night fishing and when I went to get the milk out of the fridge in the morning there was a live lobster in the veggie compartment. Gary had caught the lobster by fluke on his line, well can you believe it, he done it again last night! I had a little more warning this time as word had already spread before I got up and I could hear screams of "aghhh lobster" from downstairs. He is not quite so big, but still a lovely free meal (tomorrow as we have chicken tonight). Here he is, poor thing.
Look at the mess he has a made of my fridge!

I have also been busy on the plot digging the beds a prepping for winter, so pop back later for some recent photo's of the "view form the gate"

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Friday, 5 October 2012

More Googly Ghouls

 I just love this stamp set, I am struggling to put it down, I have to order more googly eyes and having run out of the gorgeous little white bags I have had to improvise. They were too large and gorgeous to give to trick or treaters anyway so here is a mini version I have made myself. They fit three chewy sweets in and are perfect for handing on the the special night!
I have also used my "Make a Monster" stamp set to make some addintional ghouls, they are also compatable with the googly eyes. I have made a little template for the bags just drop me a message if you would like a copy.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Googly Ghoul Goodies

Today I have had a lovely quiet day to myself crafting. I picked up my halloween stampin up goodies last week, but I have been too busy to even get them out of their packets. Gary had bought me the new stamp set as an early birthday present and my lovely friend Sarah had put the matching accessories pack in the bag with it, as an early birthday gift from her (thanks again Sarah). Halloween just gets bigger and bigger in our house each year, it all stems from growing so many pumpkins and having something to do with them all. We will have all the family coming over and we are becoming one of the big destinations for all the local children, so I need to make sure I have enough goodies prepared, ( I ran out the last 2 years), so here is what I have been making:
These are little toppers for some long marshmallows
You can just see they fit perfectly in my largest mummy head, which I previously posted.
These are the little bags that come in the accesories pack, they are so cute I think SU should stock them separately.
I love these jars, they are from ikea and come in packs of four. I use them to store carfting bits and pieces, but I always have spare to pop sweeties in as little gifts. Thanks to my lovely Mother-in-law who brings stocks over the water when she comes to stay (we don't have an ikea on the island), so thanks Jenny.
These will only be given to the children in my family as they are far to nice to give to trick or treaters.
And one of the little decorations I have made to go on my spooky tree, I have previously posted others here.

I love Halloween, (almost as much as Christmas and I really love Christmas).SU have surpased themselves this year as the halloween sets in the new Catalogues are sooooo gorgeous. I hope you like what I have made, if you would like to order the Googly Ghouls stamp set then hop over to Sarah, who will be happy to help and she also has a link of the complete new catalogue, which launched on the 1st.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

My Mum's 50th Birthday Party

At the weekend me and my siblings arranged a surprise birthday party for my Mum who is 50 in a couple of weeks. My sister had been baking loads of yummy cakes and I had been making decorations, so I thought I would share with you some of the things I made. With all the excitement of the evening I forgot to take photo's of some of it in situ, but never mind.
And here we all are!
Although my super sleuth of a mother had worked out something was up and so wasn't really surprised at all, we still all had a really good time. 

Now Mum's party is over I am going to be focused on Halloween and Christmas, pop back tomorrow to see the Halloween goodies I have been making.

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