Friday, 12 October 2012

AWicked Wreath & The Mummies

I really love wreaths and there is just an array of inspiration on pinterest. I decided I wanted to make a Halloween one, but wasn't sure in what style, I was in the £1 shop the other day and stumbled upon a gorgeous WICKED plaque, which I thought I could adapt into the centre piece, so last night I set about experimenting with paper, ribbon and bows, but in the end decided on curled paper (frightful night). Here is how is looks so far.
I say so far, this ring is actually complete, but I hope (fingers crossed) to make three attached to a long ribbon, watch this space for updates on whether that works.

I thought I might also update you with the mummy family as well, I have now filled them with goodies and think they look fab (I know I am a big kid, you should see my outfit lol), they look good and are more interesting then the normal sweetie bowl.

I hope you like my projects, thanks for stopping by



Sarah said...

Absolutely brilliant H. Love the wreath ;0) You are super creative xx

Hayley Louise Hobbs said...

Thanks Sarah, seem to remember getting the idea from you lol! Hx