Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fishing Birthday Card

It's Gary's birthday next week and I wanted to make him a fishing inspired card. I bought a really nice clear stamp set a couple of months ago, which you may have seen me use on some smaller cards, this time I have done a full size card and I am really happy with how it has come out.
By the way it's the photo thats wonky not the card! Again these outline stamps come out really well using the blender pens, I have also got water colour pencils for the hands and face. This actually looks a little like Gary, which is why I had to buy the stamps, what do you think?
He never looks his best when he is fishing bless him!!! and for anyone who knows Gary, they will appreciate that he is never happier then when he has a fish in one hand and a beer in the other, the balance obviously isn't right in this photo as there is no beer, hence the lack of a smile!

Hope you like the card, thanks for stopping by.



Sarah said...

This cracked me up as I was looking at the pics before reading the post. I saw the card pic and thought 'blimey that looks like Gary' then I saw the actual pic of him and they are identical. Who'd have known some stamp designer out there designed a stamp of Gary ;0) Lovely card H!!! ;0) xx

The Hook Up Tackle said...

Lol the card does resemble him. The fish is crazy big in that photo. What lake did you catch it in?