Friday, 23 August 2013

My Boys Themed Bedrooms

OK so as I was explaining the other day we moved into a new house at the end of June and I have been busy Decorating the Boy,s bedrooms. When we moved in Finns room was a nursery.
And this was Sams room
As you can imagine neither were patically impressed with the decor. Although completely the wrong colours they were relatively blank canvases.
OK with Finn it was a close thing between Dr Who and Star Wars but in the end he opted for the dark side and this is the finished result.

I must admit when I was painting the various battleship grey colours on the walls I had concerns, but it has turned out really smart.
Samuel wanted a Batman theme which kind of evolved into Marvel comic characters, again the blue was a worry as it was going on the wall!

As much as it is nice to finish a house, which we had just done on the Island, It is nice to start one again and I have really enjoyed decorating these first two rooms.
I hope you like them, tomorrow I have a new birthday card to share. Thanks for stopping by

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