Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cute Baskets

We had a small frost this morning here on the island and my bean leaves have been slightly bitten. I have lots of sun flowers  and squashes in the greenhouse that should be going out, but it is just too windy and cold!!! and other seedlings that just aren't growing like sweetcorn and bedding plants. Look at my strawberries from this time last year
You can just about see red strawberries in amongst all the foliage, the plants are half the size this year and there is no fruit on them at all yet!

So the weather is depressing and I am just too tired to craft this evening, but here is a little basket I made the other day, which is really easy to make if you have the SU! scallop circle die:
 The little butterfly peg isn't part of it, it's just pinning it to my craft board, it's only made out of bits and pieces from my stash, but I thought it was quite sweet. It is really tiny and would have been great for little mini eggs at easter, but would be ok for little sweets and chocolates. I can't take any credit for the design, as I saw it on You Tube, but you can watch the instructions here. I hope you like it.

For those of you who read my post from the other day re the hatching of our earth worm eggs, so far  seven have hatched and they are soooo tiny, now we only have 43 to go! I am going to try and get a picture of our next hatchling before it goes into the wormery and is never seen again.

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Sarah said...

Hayley, you should so be a Demo. You are doing a much better job of promoting Stampin' Up! on your blog than I have been able to recently. Beautiful projects and I love seeing your allotment. When the weather perks up I'll have to take a walk up to show Summer ;0) xx

Hayley Louise Hobbs said...

Thanks, did just pinch the design though, that's kinda cheating! Not sure it will perk up, your Summer may have arrived, but nobody else's has!