Sunday, 3 June 2012

Finley & The Frog

As promised here is an update on the plot, ready for lots of photo's!
This year everything is slow at growing normally we are struggling to walk along the paths in June, but as you can see in some of the  photo's not this year. Finley has been very helpful with his new fork and spade and helped me put the main crop spuds in. We came across our first frog of the summer, we normally give them a little health check before we put them somewhere safe, they usually have leaches stuck to them, this one was covered, me and Finn managed to get a few off, but then got a bit worried they were going to attach to us, urghhh. So we took a quick photo of him playing dead in Finns hand and then popped him safely in the rhubarb.
Please excuse the way the boys dress on the allotment, they are not scruffy all of the time just most of it and both live in wellies!

On the plot we try and leave tree stumps and natural objects to attract wildlife the boys love looking under them to see what they can find.
 At the back of the plot we have sown grass seed this is going to be the boys area to play, we have a lovely mini bench to go between the tress and they have made some pretty ribbons to hang from the trees.

As the grass thinkens up I will be adding more things to make this area nice for the boys. Ok her are just a few general pics.
Earlies, Squashes, Sweet Peas, Strawberries and Small Fruit Bushes.

Main Crop Spuds, Purple Sprouting Broccolli, Sprouts (they are diddy and under the net)

Garlic, Onions and Leeks

Sweetcorn, Peas, Cougettes, Runner Beans, Bollotti Beans

We are finally picking a few strawberries

The Peas are in flower

As are the beans

Thanks for stopping by, the weather doesn't look great today and no work tomorrow so I feel a late crafting session coming on!


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