Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cake as Promised!

Well as promised here is a pic of my sister holding my dad's birthday cake that she made. It really was as gorgeous as it looks.

She is getting rather good! I am glad there is a stretch of water between us, otherwise I would fear for my waistline!

And yes we do look very alike and no we are not twins!!!!

So what have I been making? You may remember a couple of weeks ago I made this cute owl box to store some of my cards in.
Well I couldn't resist having ago at another:
It's a really simple design, but I am pleased with it and I love the flower, this was my first attempt at one. Again the inside is segmented to hold a varied size of card. I have a feeling this will not be the last box you see on my blog, I have really enjoyed making them both.

From homemade to homegrown, I just have to share the most gorgeous spray of Pink Peony's that I cut from the garden. They were beaten to the floor in all the wind and rain, so I bought them in. They looked sooooo perfect they didn't look real. I had never noticed how fragrant Peony's, they made the house smell lovely. I will definately be making space for some more peony's so I can cut them again in the future and I am really glad that I took the time and space to plant around 200 iris and gladioli bulbs around the allotment, some plot holders thing this is a waste, they obviously haven't seen the price of cut flowers in the shops and I adore having flowers in doors.
Aren't they beautiful!

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Sarah said...

I know you said it, but you and your sister really do look alike!! And now i'm going to have to go to the bakery and buy a bit of chocolate cake. That looks fab!! Hope your Dad liked his card ;0) xx