Thursday, 15 August 2013

It's been a while!!!!

Hi, it definately has been too long since I blogged, in fact it has been over 6 months. I have really missed crafting and sharing my projects on my blog, but the first half of 2013 has been soooooo stressful for me and my family that there was just no room for my craft stash.
It all started when we heard one of the prisons on the island was going to be closing as Gary is a prison officer, this had a major impact on us and has resulted in us moving off the island. All is well now, we have a lovely new house and we are back with the larger family in Southampton. We have been here 6 weeks and missing the island and all our friends, but I am now desperate to get back to chilling with my craft kit, I am also trying to set up a new craft hidey hole in the only space in the house yet to be claimed (under the stairs), but I will keep you posted on that.
So here it is my first project

We had a wedding invitation arrive for an old friend, it was lovely to receive a hand made invite, so I just had to make an acceptance to go back.
I just love this beautiful floral ribbon. 

There you are the first of many happily made projects, I hope you like it and please pop back again soon.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome back hun, missed your blog, love the card, beautiful
Sandy xx