Friday, 14 September 2012

Halloween Rosettes

Although I still haven't got my hands on the new "Googly Gouls" or "Googly Goulies" set, as my Friend Sarah has re named it (now that pictures up an image!) I am satisified as it has been ordered, as an early birthday present from Gary. However Wednesday was our Crazy Crafters night at mine and Sandy who is famous for not only owning every Stampin Up product, but also bringing them all with her to our gatherings had a "Happy Halloween" stamp in her bag and so I finished off some of my Halloween Rosettes, which is amazing as when we are all together we do very little crafting and lots of messing about, gossiping and eating cake. We did however have an important task this week as we had been saving up our stamp share subs in readiness for the new catalogues and and so we all had to choose one product each and the criteria must be that we all like it, but wouldn't necessarily buy it. No mean feit as we all love a majority of the book and Pat usually takes half an hour to decide what drink she would like let alone a product out of all of those pages. After much debating we all chose a product and will now be waiting for next months meet to try them all out. I chose "Memorable Moments"not my favorite set, but one that I think is good value and will come in handy for anniversary's and big birthdays.
Anyway here are some of the rosettes I have been working on:
I have made these with some plain DSP and the frightful sight papers, which I was quite surprised were still available at a discounted price on the retired list, pop over to Sarah's blog if you wanted to order any.

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