Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Crafting Marathon

I have been on a crafting marathon the last couple of days, Quite a lot of it I can't show yet, but I thought I would share a couple of things I have been working on. Firstly a birthday card for one of my cousin's little girls. I struggle a bit with girls, as I mostly have stamps geared up for boy's. However I have improvised with the now retired "Easter Blossoms" Stampin Up stamp set. Although the little girl has a basket of eggs I think she is quite summery so I think I have got away with it???

This isn't my usual style, but I based it loosely on the card on page 53 of the new stampin up book (thanks to my friend Sarah who kindly gave me a copy), I quite like it, but it does look less larey in real life, my flash has made the colours look a little crazy.

Ok any one who knows me well, knows I love HALLOWEEN and I am definately in HALLOWEEN mode. I have lots of projects on the go, but here are a couple that are already finished.
Here are a couple of Mummy holders (for sweets, spiders, pop corn) I have made them from small squash bottles, I have cut the tops off, a bit of glue some bandages and some card eyes and here they are, my husband added the finishing touches of their noses which are white decorative marbles he pinched out of a vase and pushed under their bandages (quite a good idea, but I didn't tell him that). I am going to add to the collection, but it is dependant on the boy's drinking some more squash! I have another project on the go that requires them to drink milk so lets hope they are thirsty! Just need a project now that requires me to drink wine lol.

Finally here is a mini pumpkin wreath I have made by threading scrunched paper onto a wire and finishing off with some leaves and tendrels. I am hoping to decorate a whole tree with decorations like this so I have lots more to make, but it is dependant on me receiving one of the new Stampin Up HALLOWEEN stamp sets for my birthday (but before my birthday, hint, hint Gary), for me to finish some of them!
Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave me a comment and stop back soon for some more creepy creations!!!


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