Saturday, 14 July 2012

View From The Fridge Door

Ok, this post has no relation to crafting what so ever, but I thought I would share with you the importance of expecting the unexpected in my house. Gary went fishing last night and then got up and went to work this morning, when I went to the fridge to get the milk, I found the veggie compartment contained a massive LIVE lobster!!!!
I assume he has caught it and he hasn't visited an all night fishmongers as it is well known that he mostly catches weeds and colds. So unfortunately for this fellow I think he will shortly be joining the jam  in my Recipe section.

We have more excitement later today as the Olympic Flame is passing through Carisbrooke this afternoon so hopefully we will go and see it if the weather stays fine. Then tomorrow we are going to visit a local apiary to find out some more bee facts, so we have a busy weekend in front of us!

Have a nice, hopefully dry day and thanks for stopping by.



Sarah said...

Hiya H, did you watch the torch? We watched it at the end of the road (top of the high street) and loved it!! Took Summer so I could scrapbook it for her to look at in years to come ;0) Lovely looking lobster. That'd be a pretty penny to buy- enjoy ;0) xx

Hayley Louise Hobbs said...

Yeah we had a great spot for the flame I have popped some photos under family fun. I was debating whether to go because of the forecast, but glad I did. Gary worked out the lobster would have been about £28 in a restaurant! I didn't eat it, but Gary enjoyed it last night. You will be glad to know he was cooked via the RSPCA guidelines of freezing him to put him to sleep first! I still couldn't eat him though! I quite enjoyed having him the fridge all day it was like having an aquarium in there, makes getting the lunch a little more interesting! Hx