Tuesday, 31 July 2012

This is why I make room for Cut Flowers!!!

For anyone who would question making room for flowers in a small plot I would argue several points such as adding diversity for bees and insects, making the plot look gorgeous and being able to fill small gaps not to mention the ecstorshanate price of cut flowers, but if they were still in doubt, here is the main reason: 

How much would this bouquet have cost me £10 or £12? they look and smell gorgeous and there is still more on the plot for me and the insects to enjoy. Next year I am going to add to the flower boarders I have introduced this year and I am going to aim to have something in flower for the bees each month.

I have been crafting this week, but am not able to show what I have made so far as they are gifts, but I will be back soon with some crafty creations.

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