Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ladybird Hotel

It is far too nice to be crafting although I have just been to a scrapbooking workshop, but I will show you those pictures another time. I just wanted to show you a family project for the allotment. We have been trying hard to encourage wildlife on to the plot as well as educate the boys about ecosystems and the importance of insects, so we built a ladybird hotel. We had an old bird feeder kicking about, Gary cut some bamboo down and wood glued it in. I managed to get these cute little wooden ladybirds on ebay and we have glue gunned them on, a cute little ladybird hotel and way cheaper than you would but in the shops.
Ladybirds survive the winter if they can huddle together somewhere warm and dry, lets hope they like their rustic retreat!!!


Cristeen said...

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Sarah said...

Fab Hayley. I'll have to walk up one day and have a look at all this lovely work you've been doing on the allotment ;0) And thank you for the veges. Very much appreciated ;0) xx