Friday, 11 May 2012

Baby Worms!!!

Ok, not every post is going to be about worms, I promise, it's just that my boy's happen to really like like worms and this week has been one of a lot of worm activity. Finley likes worms so much that he had a wormery for his birthday, since then we have been nurturing 50 worm eggs, for those of you who have never seen worm eggs here is a pic:

Sorry this is not the best photo in the world but they were quite hard to capture. They are slightly smaller than an apple pip and you can just about see the worm in the egg when you shine a light on them. After several weeks off waiting we had 4 hatch last night and another was pushing it's way out of its egg. We then had to transport the smallest worms in the world into the ready and waiting soil, today we will  be feeding them a granual based food which arrived with them. I will keep you posted on the worm's progress.

We are off to the first of our annual pumpkin party's tonight, I will explain more tomorrow.

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