Monday, 9 September 2013

Halloween Candleabra

Hi and happy Monday to you all. You will remember at the end of last week I promised to show you my Halloween wreath, unfortunately the weekend turned out busier than anticipated with Mexican supers, last minute back to school purchases and Ben Nevis of the ironing world. So my Halloween wreath is still not finished, however a wreath will not be the only decoration in the Hobbs house this October 31st. Halloween gets bigger and bigger every year in our house and I just love making decorations for it. Anyway whilst shopping at the weekend I saw some black Candelabra's in the 99p shop and thought they would be perfect decorated up, so a few skulls here and some black net there voila!
Now they look super spooky on the hearth, but you can't see the real effect, so here they are with a lighter background
Not bad for £1.20 each and they will look fab, although I will not actually light them due to the net and plastic being flammable.

Hope you like them, and just goes to show a glue gun is one of the best things you can have in your craft room! I love mine.

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