Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Wreaths

The more I craft the more I love making 3d items and at the moment I am totally in love with making wreaths. Not only do I think the finished product is adorable, but I find them quite theraputic to make as they are so repetitive (you can make them watching a film). These ones I have made using a polysterene ring (apporx 10 inches), curled DSP and a glue gun. I also bought a cheap berry wreath from poundland which I dismantled to make the holly sprigs and berries on the tree.
The wreaths take apporximately 5 sheets of double sided 12x12, which I cut and curl in advance, probably 10 mini glue sticks and 3-4 hours to make.  The tree was only 2 sheets of paper and the strips are shorter so that it curls less and took about 2 hours. I hope you like them I am really pleased with them.

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