Monday, 5 November 2012

A Homemade Halloween

I can't believe I haven't had the chance to blog since my birthday! I have been so busy with halloween. It has been a week long celebration really with the decorations going up last Sunday, welcoming trick or treaters at the door wednesday and then a family party on Saturday and in amongst that carving pumpkins and making soup, it was all worth it though, here is our homemade halloween:
Just an ordinary day in the Hobbs household really!!! I would just like to add I can't take any credit for the cakes or the face painting, that was all down to my clever sister pictured making her mummy outfit. It really was a homemade halloween from growing our own pumpkins (we didn't win the competition by the way) to the decorations, cakes and soup and the kids were in their element (me too!). I hope you all had fun too, now on to Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sarah said...

Fab Halloween decorations and costumes. Thank you so much for inviting Sam, Summer and I. We had such a lovely time and Summer loved seeing all the kids dressed up ;0) Great soup as well. See you later for your crafy party xxxx