Saturday, 11 August 2012


The children were staying with my sister last week and so I stupidly offered tog go fishing with Gary, something I won't do again. It was a sunny evening and I thought  I could sit and read my book (The bad beekeepers club, by Bill Turnbull), we went down to Sandown where the tide was out, it was pleasant for all of half an hour until the sun went down, in the following hour I had donned all three layers of clothing, my hat, my scarf and finally it was too cold for me to hold my book, complacently I had not picked up a pair of gloves. Gary convinced me to reel in his rod, which I did, by this time I would do anything to try and keep warm. I reeled it (apparently wrong as I had gone over the spool) only to find I had caught my first and last ever fish! all be it a tidder!
And here he is a tiny Turbout, anyway my fish caught, all my layers on and hands too cold too to read I wanted to go home, which didn't please the other half! We stayed just long enough to catch sight of the moon over Sandown bay.
Fishing is well and truly off my list of favourite past times and I will happily stay in the warm with a cuppa tonight crafting whilst he goes off to freeze and die of boredom.

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